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Zombies in the Snow

A while back, a good friend of mine was getting fired up with his transition from film-making hobbyist to film making professional. He started an ambitious project to do 12 film works in a year and somehow, I forget the exact circumstances, I ended up working with him on a script for a 6-part episodic […]

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GENERALA has been available on my games site for a while now. Recently I updated the system with poisons and bard skills, and a new dungeon is in the works. All of the documents, from character sheet to covers, got updates. I got more downloads since the update than the previous version got in its […]

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Campaign idea I’ll never use – Acroamia’s Got Talent

The characters are professional adventure entertainers. A beholder follows each character, magically broadcasting their exploits around the kingdom. It doesn’t take long for the other competitors to start banding together in groups to survive, so the player characters join forces with each other. They gear up by getting sponsors through heroic deeds. The competition is […]

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Bard-en your horizons!

If you’ve been thinking to yourself, “Man, I’d really like to play GENERALA, but what that game is really missing is an obnoxious support character class” then have we got some big news for you! GENERALA Bard Skills are here! Honestly, I can think of nothing more appropriate to the ridiculous, over-the-top play of GENERALA […]

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Campaign idea I’ll never use – The God Makers

The local religioustry of Generic Fantasy City #7 has put out a general call for reps from the various social organizations in town. Many of the factions will not view this as a great honor and will likely send unskilled and/or untrustworthy but immensely replaceable members – ie. the player characters. Turns out, the mystics […]

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Campaign idea I’ll never use – Galactic Smokejumpers

The party are freelance hazard mercenaries. They get hired to fly around the galaxy and drop into dangerous areas to perform rescues and recoveries. Natural disasters wrecking your planet and you need to get your family off? Call the Smokejumpers. Zombie disease outbreak and you need to recover some databanks? Smokejumpers. Space bus full of […]

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Campaign idea I’ll never use – Vehement

The party are part of a secret US government agency tasked with studying / protecting a cache of alien weapons and technology discovered in a cave in the New Mexico badlands. Thanks to a rosetta stone of sorts found in the Roswell crash, some of the text accompanying the find is translated. Phrases such as […]

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Dynamo for download

I’ve updated my games download page to include Dynamo. I haven’t updated the artwork yet, but the game is playable, and I’m proud of it, so there you go. One thing – in updating the site today, I added as a sub domain, and then added I’ll be using SuburbanRobot as my game […]

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AARG is here! (Mostly)

So I’ve been on a sort of radio silence lately here on the blog for a few reasons – 1. My regular gaming group broke up. I won’t go into details, but “I’m an asshole, that’s just how I am” doesn’t make it OK that you’re an asshole. 2. My regular gaming group got back […]

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Robocop (2014) <3 Robocop (1987)

Read any of the critical reviews of the new Robocop movie, and the complains will mostly boil down to one of three angles – 1. This is not how I would have done it.2. It’s not how I wanted them to do it.3. All sequels suck. All three are valid reasons for not liking a […]

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