Introducing Generala

A while back, I got the idea in my head that I would write a stripped down dungeon bashing RPG system and run a game using it. I first thought about basing it on an adapted version of Jeff Dee's TWERPS system; this was after I had unpacked some of my gaming stuff and found all of the TWERPS books I've been carrying around and wanted something simple to run. I soon decided TWERPS wasn't really the system for me because I'm kind of burned out on d20-based systems, even d20/2 variations.


So I started looking at other dice mechanics and decided what I really wanted was not just a old school dungeon crawler, but something with an insane dice mechanic. And then it hit me - Yahtzee, aka Yacht, aka Generala.


Thus was born GENERALA, the diciest game on earth. Although I've run three games using it now, I have yet to create a bestiary. If anyone is interested in playing, I'll dig up my notes on the monsters I used and post them.



GENERALA rule book GENERALA printable rule booklet file


Corey posted 05/22/13 2:41 pm

Have you done a podcast of a Generala game yet?

steveo posted 05/22/13 4:17 pm

I think there's a recording of one of the test games around somewhere. If I find it I'll post it. It ends in a TPK.

Corey posted 05/22/13 5:57 pm

Coolness. If you get time, i'd be down with looking at the monsters you used. Try to convince my wife and a friend of hers to try it out. Who doesn't like throwing dice?! Ah geez, now I want a character that throws dice at things for various magical effect. >.<

steveo posted 05/23/13 6:19 pm

Fetish wizard.

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