AARG is here! (Mostly)

So I've been on a sort of radio silence lately here on the blog for a few reasons -

1. My regular gaming group broke up. I won't go into details, but "I'm an asshole, that's just how I am" doesn't make it OK that you're an asshole.

2. My regular gaming group got back together - minus the asshole. And we're moving forward with the American Auror campaign.

3. Because American Auror is actually going to get played this century, I needed to finish the AARG magic rules ...

And I did! The AARG Pre-Flight Edition is here!

What's the difference between Pre-Flight and the "real" edition? Functionally, nothing. My plan is to have everything AARG be free. However, free doesn't pay hosting fees, so AARG will be split into Pre-Flight and Universal editions. The rules content will be the same in both versions, but the Universal Edition will have skill indexes to quickly find skills based on name, cost, and related stat, will include an expanded Narrator's guide with advice on running AARG games written with new GM's in mind, and will be designed with an eye for printing the books instead of the digital-only expectation for the Pre-Flight edition.

Anyway, you can now download the Pre-Flight edition which is a completely playable version of the rules.

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