Previous Ford Stories:

New to Ford? Don't let the number of older stories daunt you, they're really not that long.

The Golden Gate by Moonlight

The story that introduced the world to Ford. A young boy is found dead inside a warehouse, the catch is that he's been dead since the 40's. Good thing there's no statute of limitations on murder.

Stars on the Water

A serial killer bends the media and the internet in order to make himself the most famous killer in history. Is a young girl the key to stopping him?

Black Gold / Blue Moon - The Hydrogen Guy / Christopher Ford Crossover

The murder of an EPA agent leads Ford and Jake on an international manhunt. A bizarre example of what happens when fiction cross-overs go strange as Ford ends up in the world of Hydrogen Guy.

The Anger of Angels

Back in San Francisco, Ford & Jake wind up a little too close to a heavenly war. Will it cost them one of their closest friends?

The Dead of Night

Three days in the life of Lorna Perry. It's not as peaceful and quiet as you may think.

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