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The Golden Gate by Moonlight

There's a lot about this story that people just don't believe. Well, that's fine. I still have the sword within easy reach because I know it happened. Fritter knows it happened, it took me two weeks to get her out of the crawl space. And Jake will swear that Zvolen really tried to kill me. But, of course, how much you believe is entirely up to you.

Chapter 1 - Coffee? Tea? Beelzebub?

Chapter 2 - For the Love of Geddy Lee

Chapter 3 - The Life and Times of Captain Barney Miller

Chapter 4 - Love, Death, and Barry Bonds

Chapter 5 - The Great Mediocre Earthquake of 1989

Chapter 6 - The Naked Halfling Fighter

Chapter 7 - That Old Time Religion

Chapter 8 - The Shit Gets Deep

Chapter 9 - The Droids You're Looking For

Chapter 10 - The USS Mina Harker Schoonmaker Point

Chapter 11 - Pop Goes the World

Chapter 12 - And Where Were The Spiders?

Chapter 13 - Humpty Dumpty

Epilogue - Epilogue

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