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Stars on the Water

I can prove at least half of this story. There's plenty of police reports and newspaper clippings. There's even a record of my psych-eval afterwards. The rest of it you'll just have to take my word for.

Chapter 1 - Ripples on a Pond

Chapter 2 - Fnord

Chapter 3 - Sho'nuff

Chapter 4 - The Waiting Game

Chapter 5 - Erzsébet Bathory

Chapter 6 - I Go Pogo

Chapter 7 - Counter Strike

Chapter 8 - Alt.Binaries.Movies.Snuff

Chapter 9 - Zoom!

Chapter 10 - Tiptoe Through the Tulips

Chapter 11 - The Raid

Chapter 12 - The Jaws of Life

Chapter 13 - Show Cancelled


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