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The Anger of Angels

Even I questioned the outcome of this one. But, Basil couldn't refute it, and it served no purpose to tell the truth about what really happened. So, to this day, only Jake, Fran, Lorna, and I know what really happened.

Chapter 1 - Knock, Knock

Chapter 2 - Pandora

Chapter 3 - The Doctor is IN

Chapter 4 - Laugh 'Til Ectoplasm Comes Out Your Nose

Chapter 5 - Blood Upon the Lintel

Chapter 6 - The Vox Piscis and Other Beach Reading

Chapter 7 - Give the Boys a Great Big Hand

Chapter 8 - Victor, Hugo, or Laverne?

Chapter 9 - Attack of the Clones

Chapter 10 - The World Turned On Its Ear

Chapter 11 - We Were Going To Add A Skylight Anyway

Chapter 12 - Sea Change

Chapter 13 - The Past Shall Be Revealed


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