Galilee, wild west town

A couple years ago, a game developer I'd been chatting with occasionally on Twitter put out a call for a map maker to build some maps for a con game for him. After a bit of him not getting any takers, I decided to volunteer. I'd been playing with different map techniques in my own games, I thought I could whip up something halfway decent - maybe not professional quality, but certainly usable for a con.


Well, turns out I was a bit off the mark in my expectations. He wasn't wanting large-scale, continent-wide maps, which were what I'd been doing up to that point, he needed a town. And he didn't need just any town, he needed a believable wild west town with surrounding territory that included places for shootouts and bandits and - well, you can probably see where it was heading.


But I wasn't going to back down, I accepted the challenge. I took a few days to research wild west towns because, while I've seen lots of Terrence Hill / Bud Spencer movies, I have no real concept of what a wild west town was actually like. But, after reading up on the subject, I was fairly confidence I could produce if not a realistic town then at least a believable one.


He was pretty happy with the maps when I finished them, so I guess I succeeded.


I never heard how his con run went, and I have no idea if he tried to sell the game as a module after the con, so I hope I'm not stepping on toes here, but I really like these maps and want to share them. So here they are. Hopefully someone can use them.


(warning, these are print quality resolution)


Countryside Map countryside_thumb GM's version of the surrounding territory Handout version of the surrounding territory

Spanish Mission Map mission_thumb Spanish mission GM's map Spanish mission legend (sorry, I have Adobe pro on my laptop but not my desktop. I'll merge these tomorrow)

Spanish mission handout

Countryside Map town_thumb Town of Galilee, GM's map Town of Galilee legend Town of Galilee sketched handout

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